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High Power Fiber Optic Patchcords

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 2.0

Ottawa, Canada - March 2, 2005

OZ Optics offers fiber optic patchcords specifically for high power applications. These patchcords feature special high power fibers, carefully prepared fiber endfaces, and specially designed fiber optic connectors to ensure maximum power handling. High power patchcords can be made using either multimode, singlemode, polarization maintaining, double cladded, or photonic crystal ("holey") fibers.

Our high power connectors feature an air-gap design, where the fiber extends into free space by 1.1mm to 1.5mm, providing an epoxy-free region where thermal energy can be safely dissipated without burning the surrounding material. This is the key mechanism for failure in standard connectors. In addition we utilize a number of unique methods to finish the end of the fiber to maximize power handling. These include cleaving the fiber instead of polishing, laser treating the fiber endface to strengthen it, or adding a glass endcap to the end of the fiber. High power connectors compatible with SMA 905 and FC receptacles are offered.

A unique feature of our high power connector designs are that they feature adjustable focus. The connector design allows one to adjust the distance the ferrule and fiber protrudes from the connector housing. This allows one to precisely position the fiber tip in free space, making it ideal for laser to fiber coupling. In addition, a special spring loading mechanism protects the fiber from damage should it accidently make contact with a solid surface. Mating receptacles allow one to connect high power patchcords together with low losses, enhancing functionality.

In addition to patchcords, OZ Optics produces complete high power laser to fiber delivery systems, optimised for maximum laser coupling. Systems for both continuous output (CW) and pulsed laser applications are available. Contact a sales representative for details.

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