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OZPEN™ CO2 Fiber Optics Cleaning Unit

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 1.0

Ottawa, Canada - February 6, 2015

Using a patented process, the OZPEN generates and delivers a precisely controlled spray of clean dry nitrogen containing solid carbon dioxide particles (i.e. snow) at high velocity to efficiently remove foreign matter from a surface. CO2 particles strike contaminants on the surface being cleaned, overcoming the force holding the material to the surface and carrying it away. This unique dry process can remove very small particles (< 100 nm in size) without the need for using other wet cleaning techniques.

The OZPEN replaces or augments conventional solvent-aided wiping cleaning techniques which can spread, smear or shed, or redeposit trace residues and particles over critical surfaces. The composite spray efficiently and effectively removes inorganic and organic surface contamination from critical substrate surfaces.

Each OZPEN is equipped with a flexible coaxial tube, spray pen applicator, and foot switch. The basic system provides precision cleaning capability right out of the box and includes all components for precision cleaning apart from the process gases. Contact OZ Optics for further details.

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