For Immediate Release

Differential Polarization Delay Line

Ottawa, ON - March 19, 2002

OZ Optics Limited, a world leading supplier of fiber optic products for existing and next-generation optical networks, introduces what promises to be the next step in polarization mode dispersion (PMD) compensation in high-speed networks - the differential polarization delay line.

PMD is created when the signal power in the two orthogonal states travels through a system at different speeds. This can limit the maximum signal rate of a high speed network. The device works by splitting the input signal into two polarizations and then dynamically changing the relative delay between the two polarizations before recombining them into the output fiber. The delay is precisely controlled via a motorized stage, allowing better than 0.003ps resolution. The device thus replaces several discrete components into one integrated unit.

Up to ±50 ps of differential delay can be compensated for or created by the differential delay line. The large range and high resolution of this device makes it ideal for most network systems or system research and development. The built in computer interface makes the device easy to be controlled.

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