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Optical Power Meter Smart Detector Heads

Ottawa, ON - March 19, 2002

OZ Optics Limited, a world leading supplier of fiber optic products for existing and next-generation optical networks, has recently improved its line of high resolution, high speed, intelligent detectors units.

These detectors are unique in that they contain their own microcontroller, with built-in calibration curves. They can measure signals from -75dBm to 20dBm accurately, at wavelengths from 440nm–900nm or 700nm–1800nm. The improved smart detector head can now report accurate readings at up to 1800 samples per second. An optional analog output is also offered, for high-speed feedback in auto-alignment systems.

Detector heads can be attached to and removed from either a personal computer or a channel hand held display units, without having to shut down the computer or the meter. PC control software for the detector head is offered. The relatively small size and intelligent design of the detector heads makes them an ideal choice for test systems where multiple component testing is required.

In addition the detector head contains built-in attenuators. These attenuators can be moved in and out of the optical path by a manual switch on the side of the detector. The detector automatically detects which attenuator is in place, and adjusts the calibration accordingly.

Receptacles for this meter are offered for use with a wide variety of connector types and styles, to accommodate all of your applications.

Product Features:
Dynamic Range: 
-75dBm to 20dBm
Wavelength Range: 
Visible: 440nm to 900nm
IR: 800nm to 1700nm
I 2 C and RS 232
Sampling Speed: 
Up to 1800 Hz programmable

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