For Immediate Release

Reflective Style Variable Attenuator

Ottawa, ON - March 19, 2002

OZ Optics Limited, a world leading supplier of fiber optic products for existing and next-generation optical networks, announces that it has recently enhanced its line of reflective style variable attenuators.

The new models exhibit lower insertion losses, lower polarization dependent losses (PDL) and lower wavelength dependence over the C (1520–1570nm) and L (1570–1620nm) wavelength bands.

OZ Optics has accomplished this by carefully refining its optical design to minimize internal reflections and etalon effects. A high power version utilizing a beam blocking technique is capable of attenuating powers of up to 2 Watts. Meanwhile an alternative neutral density filter version is ideally suited to multimode applications, where modal effects need to be minimized.

OZ Optics can offer variable attenuators for a wide range of wavelengths and fiber sizes. For help selecting the best attenuator for your design requirements, contact OZ Optics Limited.

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