For Immediate Release

Connectors for 80 Micron Cladding Fibers

Ottawa, Canada - May 1, 2002

OZ Optics Limited, a global supplier of fiber optic products for existing and next-generation optical networks, now offers Singlemode and Polarization Maintaining connectors and patchcords with Ultra, Super Angled FC/PC and SC terminations for 80 micron cladding fibers.

These connectors offer high polarization extinction ratios, low backreflection and low insertion losses. The backreflection levels and insertion losses are typically -60dB, 0.6dB for APC connectors, -50dB, 0.4dB for Ultra, Super FC/PC connectors, respectively using 1550nm singlemode fiber. The extinction ratio maintained across a connection is typically 23dB. Connectors are available for 79 to 83 micron. The connectors are field installable.

OZ Optics uses specially designed PM ferrules with tight machine tolerances between the ferrule notch and the notch key to minimize backlash and rotational errors during the PM axis alignment. Patchcords are available either unaligned and rotatable or prealigned and referenced against the connector key for optimum coupling efficiency and extinction ratios. Prealigned PM patchcords maintain polarization better than 23dB when connected together.

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