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Laser to Fiber Delivery Systems with Adjustable Focus

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 3.0

Ottawa, Canada - February 6, 2015

OZ Optics offers a complete laser to fiber delivery system, with adjustable focus coupling and collimating optics. Adjustable focus source couplers are ideal for situations where optimum coupling efficiency is critical. A special connector allows the spacing between the fiber and lens to be precisely controlled without rotating the fiber. This allows one to compensate for any changes in wavelength or beam waist location, thus further optimizing the coupling efficiency. Coupling efficiencies exceeding 85% into singlemode fibers have been achieved with these systems. This makes them ideal for high power delivery systems, where excess losses generate heat. Alternatively they can be used with output collimators to generate collimated beams or focused spots as desired.

Adjustable focus laser to fiber delivery systems are available for singlemode, multimode, or polarization maintaining applications. Fibers can be terminated in a variety of connector finishes, including air-gap ferrules, endcapped fibers, angle polished or cleaved endfaces, laser annealed endfaces, and anti-reflection coated surfaces, all while providing the adjustable focus feature. For more information, contact OZ Optics, or visit our website

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