For Immediate Release

Pen Size Power Meter - PowerPen

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 2.0

Ottawa, Canada - March 14, 2003

OZ Optics introduces the PowerPen - a compact, pen size power meter specifically designed for monitoring the output of fiber optic cables with ST-, FC- or SC-type connectors. The meter comes in a small, lightweight, self-contained package that can easily be stored in a pocket or tool kit.

The PowerPen is calibrated using NIST traceable standards. Its measurement range is -60dBm (1 nW) to +3dBm (2 mW) with +/- 5% accuracy from 850 nm to 1700 nm. The device’s rugged ergonomic design and 3-digit LCD display with unit indicator for µW, mW or dBm power measurements, along with its long-life lithium battery, make it ideal for many applications. Call OZ Optics for additional information.

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