For Immediate Release

Optical Power Monitor - Meter with Digital Display

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 2.0

Ottawa, Canada - March 20, 2003

OZ Optics Limited has successfully combined its revolutionary optical power monitor technology with its expertise in optical power meters to produce a line of inline optical power monitors/meters with digital displays. These devices allow one to measure the optical power travelling through an optical fiber without having to disconnect it. The units introduce very little additional insertion loss or polarization dependent losses. Thus one can continuously monitor an optical network or device while it is in operation.

Inline power monitors/meters can measure optical power at wavelengths from 1280 to 1650nm. The battery operated device provides a digital readout with 0.01dB resolution. An analog output is also provided for remote monitoring. The standard model is directional in nature, allowing light to travel through it in both directions, while monitoring light travelling in one direction only. A bidirectional version is also offered. Contact OZ Optical for detailed specifications and pricing.

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