For Immediate Release

Miniature Variable Optical Attenuator

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 1.0

Ottawa, Canada - September 2003

OZ Optics’ variable optical attenuators are now offered in a new miniature style housing, the smallest in its class. The new form factor measures only 15mm long by 14mm high by 5mm thick. The design is stackable, allowing one to fit 16 attenuators in a space only 3 inches thick. This makes it ideal for power balancing applications in DWDM systems, where space is at a premium.

Like all variable attenuators produced by OZ Optics, the new miniature design features insertion losses as low as 0.6dB, better than 55dB return losses, power handling up to 2 Watts, low PDL, and wavelength insensitive performance, allowing operation over L, C, S, and 1300nm operating wavelength bands.

Miniature variable attenuators are available for as little as $80UDS for volume orders. For information on these as well as other attenuator offerings, please contact OZ Optics.

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