For Immediate Release

Directional Optical Taps for use in Stabilizing UV-Blue Laser Diodes

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 1.0

Ottawa, Canada - February 9, 2004

OZ Optics is now providing optical fibers with integrated optical taps, optimized for use at UV-Blue laser diode wavelengths. Using a revolutionary, patent pending process, optical taps are written directly into the optical fiber, to extract a small portion of the light for power monitoring. The result is an extremely compact tap that can be directly integrated into laser diode packages. These optical taps are ideal for use with lasers that lack integral photodiodes, such as violet laser diodes. By monitoring the light emerging from the tap, control circuitry can stabilize the optical power produced by the laser. Taps for other wavelengths are also available.

Standard optical taps are unidirectional in behavior, providing an output signal for light propagating in the forward direction but not in the reverse direction. This is ideal when one wants to measure the power in one direction, independent of reflected or returning signals. Bidirectional taps can also be produced where needed. Contact OZ Optics for additional information.

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