For Immediate Release

Controlled Goods Registration Program (CGRP)

Ottawa, Canada - March 5, 2004

February 18, 2004

OZ Optics has been awarded the Controlled Goods Registration Program (CGP) by the Government of Canada. This accreditation will permit OZ Optics to possess or transfer controlled goods in accordance with the Defense Production Act and the Controlled Goods Regulations.

The CGP is a Canadian Federal Government Program administered by the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC).

The CGP is a stringent security program that controls the examination, possession, and transfer of certain controlled goods.  Anyone who deals with these controlled goods in Canada is required to register with the CGP. The CGP is legislated by the Defense Production Act (DPA).

Companies possessing, examining or transferring controlled goods within Canada or seeking to export controlled goods under the EIPA (administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade - DFAIT), must be registered under the CGP.

Some examples of controlled goods that are covered by the CGP are certain firearms, ammunition with a caliber greater than 12.7 millimeters, and aerospace, satellite and other goods and technologies that guide weapons systems.

The official details on controlled goods are found in the Export Control List, published by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (see )

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