For Immediate Release

High Power Single Mode Industrial YB Fiber Lasers

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 1.0

Ottawa, Canada - May 19, 2005

OZ Optics now offers a series of Ytterbium fiber lasers for industrial, medical and other applications. These lasers provide up to 50 W CW of near diffraction limited (M2 < 1.1) 1.08 µm laser light which is delivered directly to the work site through a metal-shielded single mode fiber cable terminated by a high power connector. Optional collimators and focusers convert the output from the fiber into either a collimated beam or focused spot. Output beam diameters from 0.4mm to over 10 mm in diameter can be provided, while spot sizes as small as few microns can be produced at long working distances for convenient operation.

The all-fiber configuration of these lasers provide a robust, monolithic design with no optical parts to align or stabilize, no need for maintenance parts or materials, and the ability to operate under high shock, vibration and dusty conditions. Custom configurations can be manufactured to meet unique demands. Contact an OZ Optics sales representative for more details.

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