For Immediate Release

Fiber Length Meter

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 2.0

Ottawa, Canada - April 18, 2007

OZ Optics Limited is pleased to announce the development of an optical Fiber Length Meter. The instrument can quickly and accurately measure the lengths of optical fibers from a few millimeters to 500m long, with 2mm resolution and measurement error of less than 0.1% 1.5 mm. It is ideal for applications requiring precise and repeatable optical fiber length measurements, such as cable manufacturing and spooling, strain sensing, and fiber interferometry. The system can measure lengths of multimode, singlemode and polarization maintaining fibers, including fibers for non-telecom or visible wavelengths.

The device works by measuring the time for an optical signal to travel along and back through a fiber. Readings are updated once per second to allow continuous monitoring of the fiber length. This allows it to also be used as an optical strain sensor. Readings are communicated to a logging computer via a USB interface.

The optical Fiber Length Meter’s combination of accuracy, flexibility, speed and value makes it an ideal addition to a laboratory or manufacturing site. Contact an OZ Optics’ sales representative or visit our website,, for more details.

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