For Immediate Release

High Power Inline Optical Taps/Power Monitors

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 21.0

Ottawa, Canada - July 27, 2007

OZ Optics has developed optical patchcords with built-in directional inline optical taps, specifically for high power applications. Using a revolutionary, patent pending process, optical taps are written directly into the optical fiber, to extract a small portion of the light for power monitoring. Less than 0.1% of the light is tapped from the fiber to a monitor photodiode, allowing one to monitor optical power levels in singlemode and polarization maintaining fibers transmitting several Watts of optical power. Custom assemblies can be designed and manufactured for speciality fibers and OEM applications.

Standard optical taps are unidirectional in nature, providing an output signal for light propagating in the forward direction, but not in the reverse direction. This is ideal when one wants to measure the power in one direction, independent of any reflected or returning signals. Optical taps are available for wavelengths ranging from 325nm to over 2000nm. Contact an OZ Optics representative for technical details.

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