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Multi Channel Hermetically Sealed Optical Fiber Assemblies

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 1.0

Ottawa, Canada - February 17, 2009

As part of its continued commitment to customer satisfaction and industry leadership, OZ Optics is pleased to announce that it has extended its product offering of hermetically sealed fiber feedthrus to include assemblies with up to 16 fibers, arranged in a ribbon configuration. This new addition complements very well its current offering that covers an entire spectrum of applications, from 1 fiber to 16 fibers.

OZ Optics has been a world pioneer in this product line, offering standard as well as highly customized solutions to meet the most specialized and demanding applications, ranging from telecomm to aerospace and defense. OZ Optics manufacturing include resistive and programmable inductive heating capabilities, to create the hermetic seal between the optical fiber and a holding element (typically a gold plated Kovar ferrule). Both of these heating technologies can be used to seal fibers using glass solder, thus avoiding the need for expensive fiber metallization, or the more traditional metallic solder to be used with metallized fibers. OZ Optics engineering team will design the product and process that better suits the specific requirements of each application.

OZ Optics manufacturing processes have been designed to yield high quality products that can meet or exceed the most demanding qualification tests, including Telcordia GR-1221. Furthermore, the thousands of assemblies that have been shipped and successfully deployed by our customers over the years have proved the quality and reliability of our proprietary designs and processes.

Contact an OZ Optics representative for additional technical details. The OZ Optics’ engineering team is ready to assist in developing the most cost effective and technically sound solutions for your specific needs.

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