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Backreflection Meters for Visible and Near Infrared Wavelength Applications

Draft Release - Version 1.0

Ottawa, Canada - February 6, 2015

OZ Optics Limited, a global supplier of fiber optic products for all applications, now offers a new line of backreflection (return loss) meters for optical components. The compact unit features a broadband SLED source for greater stability and sensitivity as well as an optional detector for insertion loss measurement. The device is rugged and has a simple intuitive touch screen interface.

The backreflection meter is available not only for telecommunication wavelengths, but also for 1060nm, 830nm, and 650nm wavelengths, and works with singlemode and polarization maintaining fibers for these wavelengths. This makes them ideal for fiber lasers, sensors, and biomedical applications, such as Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT). This capability is unique to OZ Optics’ backreflection meters.

The Backreflection meter includes a USB communications port for communication between the meter and a computer. This allows remote control and data logging of the results for quality control. With a 70dB dynamic range and a broad list of features, the Backreflection Meter is a vital tool for your work.

Backreflection Meters for Visible and Near Infrared Wavelength Application

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