For Immediate Release

High Power Non-Contact Visible Fiber Optic Fault Locators

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 2.0

Ottawa, Canada - February 20, 2015

OZ Optics now offers a new line of visible fault locators, which together with our line of bare fiber adapters with magnetic clamps provides the ideal solution for inspecting devices with no connectors on the fiber ends.

The backreflection meter is available not only for telecommunication wavelengths, but also for 1060nm, 830nm, and 650nm wavelengths, and works with singlemode and polarization maintaining fibers for these wavelengths. This makes them ideal for fiber lasers, sensors, and biomedical applications, such as Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT). This capability is unique to OZ Optics’ backreflection meters.

Other fault locators work by mating the fiber on the device being inspected to a fiber inside the fault locator. While this works well with devices with connectors, if part being tested does not have a connector, then one must either splice a connecting fiber onto the device, or cleave the fiber and use a bare fiber adapter. This second option often damages the fault locator, as the cleaved fiber is imperfect, and quickly damages the fiber inside the fault locator with just a few connections. In our non-contact style fault locator, a lens focuses the light to a precise spot in space inside the fiber receptacle. By simply using one of our bare fiber adapters to hold the fiber, one can quickly and easily launch visible light into your fiber to check for breaks, microbends or damage, without ever risking damage to the fault locator.

Visible fault locators capable of delivering up to 100mW of power are being offered, allowing you to inspect fibers up to 8km long, and are available in either red light (633nm) or green light (520nm) versions. They are offered with all standard fiber connectors, including universal connectors for connectors with either 2.5mm or 1.25mm diameter ferrules. These instruments are a useful tool for anyone working with fiber optics.

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