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OZ Optics Inline Optical Tap Monitors receive high score from 2016 Lightwave Innovation Reviews

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Ottawa, Canada - April 6, 2016

OZ Optics has received recognition from the 2016 Lightwave Innovation Reviews for its optical taps and power monitors, in the category of Optical Components. The award is for a "Excellent product with technical features and performance that provide clear and substantial benefits".

According to one of the judges, "This line of products appears to offer monitoring and tapping technology for all fiber types in a compact form factor. This technology will enable the use of new and emerging fiber types such as photonic crystal fiber". To see the complete review visit

Based on patented technology using femtosecond lasers to write waveguides directly inside optical fibers, OZ Optics' optical tap monitors combine the optical tap design with a photodiode in a single package. Optical taps work at a variety of wavelengths, including visible, near IR, and 2 micron wavelengths, and are suitable for high power applications. Taps can be constructed in many fiber types, including specialty fibers such as polarization maintaining fibers and photonic crystal fibers. The device is Telcordia GR468 tested, making it well suited for the telecommunications industry. The manufacturing process permits full automation, thus sharply reducing manufacturing costs. For more information visit

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