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OZ Optics Makes Short List of Nominees for BSI Canada's Award of Excellence

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Ottawa, Canada – May 12, 2017

OZ Optics has received recognition from BSI Canada for making the top 10 nominee short list for their top honor, the 2016 BSI Award of Excellence that is presented every year. The companies that are considered for this award best exemplifies a world class quality system demonstrated by way of yearly audit results and company achievements. This award gives companies bragging rights to among the best Quality Systems in the Country. It also guarantees the winning company and top companies nominated to be displayed prominently on the BSI Canada Website for the full year until next year's award is presented. BSI is one of the largest Registrars in the world and has issued more than 35,500 registrations in over 90 countries.

BSI Canada created the Award of Excellence in 2011 to recognize customers who have demonstrated a culture of excellence and continual improvement in their business.

BSI Canada announces 2016 Award of Excellence nominees

Toronto — May 2, 2017

Ten companies have been named as nominees for the 2016 BSI Award of Excellence. BSI Group Canada Inc. is a division of the world's first National Standards Body and the leading provider of choice for ISO transition in Canada.

"2016 was a very busy year because of the transition periods for the revised ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The radical transformation in some of the standards means there are new demands on management as risk takes centre stage." said Anne-Marie Pizzitelli, Head of Communications at BSI Group Canada. "Organizations need to be able to prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental changes and sudden disruptions. Success will involve a combination of strategic adaptability, agile leadership, robust governance, and organizational resilience."

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