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Broadband Entangled Photon Sources

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Ottawa, Canada – May 10, 2018

OZ Optics Limited, a world leading supplier of fiber optic products for telecommunication, industrial and medical applications, has produced a broadband entangled photon source utilizing a unique all-fiber design to generate polarization entangled photon pairs. Applications include quantum key distribution, quantum computing, and the instrument operates at room temperature and consumes little power compared to existing entangled photon sources. This makes it ideal for challenging environments such as space-based systems.

The source generates broadband wavelength photons, with a source bandwidth of 80nm, making it a possible single photon source for CWDM systems. The system generates millions of photon pairs per second, with high fidelity and excellent signal to noise levels. Because it does not require special cooling or alignment, the unit is much more compact than existing sources. "We believe that with our source design we have the potential to radically reduce costs at larger volumes, opening new markets for quantum photonic networks," stated OZ Optics CEO Ömür Sezerman.

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Broadband Entangled Photon Sources

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