For Immediate Release

Modulator Bias Controllers for both Industrial and Scientific Applications

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 2.0

Ottawa, Canada – May 30, 2021

OZ Optics Limited, a world leading supplier of fiber optic products for existing and next-generation optical networks, introduces a complete line of electro-optic modulator bias controllers. Our product line consists of more than 10 different controllers catering to different needs such as high extinction ratios, Null, Peak, Quadrature and DPMZ operation modes, single and dual polarization versions, and precision ditherless control for analog applications. These controllers are available in chip form, as well as on OEM circuit boards and desktop controllers. The use cases include general analog and digital bias control, special SSB (Single side band) applications, very high extinction ratio applications, or special modulator applications with two DC bias ports, for DQPSK/QAM. Versions based on the use of pilot tones as well as pilot tone-free operations are available. Moreover, an advanced version of bias controller, such as the MBC-Dual-2PD, is able to control two independent modulators at the same time. The controllers have been widely used, not only in Telecommunications, but also in scientific areas, such as environmental monitoring and high energy physics. With such a broad range of devices, there is sure to be a controller that suits your application. Contact OZ Optics for complete details on our product line and their uses.

Modulator Bias Controller Chip Version Modulator Bias Controller Benchtop Version
(a) (b)

Figure 1 – Modulator Bias Controllers showing the (a) chip and (b) benchtop versions.

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