For Immediate Release

Compact, High Resolution, Low Cost Optical Spectrometer

DRAFT RELEASE – Version 2.0

Ottawa, Canada – January 27, 2023

OZ Optics Limited, a world leading supplier of fiber optic based products and instruments, is pleased to offer a compact handheld Optical Spectrometer for ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared measurements. The design features a transmission grating for maximum sensitivity and a higher signal to noise ratio compared to similar products on the market that use a reflection style grating. The device communicates with any windows based computer through a USB interface and is easily controlled using an intuitive interface.

Complimenting this product, OZ Optics offers a variety of accessories and tools, including fiber optic patchcords, collimators and focusers for light collection, fiber optic sources at a variety of wavelengths, fiber U-bracket assemblies for sample transmission and emission testing, and fixed or removable short pass, long pass and bandpass filters. All of these products can be customized for your needs, making OZ Optics a one-stop source for your spectroscopy needs. Contact OZ Optics for more details.

Compact Optical Spectrometer Compact Optical Spectrometer

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