For Immediate Release

Precision Motorized Polarization Rotation Stages for Analysis and Control

DRAFT RELEASE – Version 1.0

Ottawa, Canada – January 27, 2023

OZ Optics Limited, a global supplier of fiber optic products for all applications, announces a new motorized high precision rotation stage, incorporated in our polarized sources, polarization analyzers and polarization controllers. Featuring unprecedented resolution, these rotators are controlled in a palm-sized enclosure via an intuitive graphical user interface. Multiple rotators can be controlled simultaneously with a single controller. Polarizers, waveplates, prisms or beamsplitters can be installed in these rotators. Upgraded versions of OZ Optics’ polarized fiber optic stable sources and fiber optics polarization rotators, controllers and analyzers featuring the new motorized rotation stages are now available.

OZ Optics specializes in custom fiber optic products tailored for your specific application. Our expert engineering sales team will partner with you to provide technical design and guidance to allow you to reach your goals.

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