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DRAFT RELEASE – Version 1.0

Ottawa, Canada – April 20, 2023

OZ Optics Limited, a recognized leader in the field of optical quantum photonics, now offers an entangled photon tomography analyzer, designed to precisely establish the polarization states of photon pairs in order to establish photon entanglement. This is a critical function in the development of any polarization entanglement system. The system automatically measures the polarization density matrix at all six principle points of the Poincare sphere (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, anti-diagonal, and left-and-right circular polarizations), allowing you to quickly characterize your system. Systems for 1550nm and 810nm wavelengths are available as standard setups, and systems for custom wavelengths can be developed for your needs.

Compact Optical Spectrometer Compact Optical Spectrometer

OZ Optics specializes in custom fiber optic products tailored for your specific application. Our expert engineering sales team will partner with you to provide technical design and guidance to allow you to reach your goals.

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