OZ Optics Fiber Optic Patchcords and Collimators with Adjustable Focus

OZ Optics offers a complete line of fiber collimators and focusers with low backreflection, designed to collimate or focus light exiting a fiber to a desired beam diameter or spot size. By utilizing diffraction limited lenses, spot sizes of a few microns can be achieved. These devices can be used with laser diodes, photodiodes, acousto-optic modulators and other fiber optic devices. Collimators and focusers can be used as matched pairs to couple light in and out of optical devices. This makes them ideal for fiber packaging of devices. A special connector allows the spacing between the fiber and lens to be precisely controlled without rotating the fiber. This is ideal in polarization maintaining applications, as the polarization axis does not change. The adjustments allow one to compensate for any change in wavelength or beam divergence.

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