Bare Fiber Adaptor with Magnetic Clip

Bare fiber adaptors provide a simple and effective way to use unterminated fibers with commercial receptacles. Simply strip, clean and cleave your fiber and insert into the bare fiber adaptor. They are recommended for power meter connections, temporary system repairs or wherever a quick fiber connection is required. OZ Optics has recently improved the bare fiber adaptor design to now use a clamping mechanism. The new design gently yet firmly holds the fiber in place without harming soft acrylate coatings, and is even easier for operators to use. The magnetic clamp applies no stress to the fiber, which makes it ideal for PM fiber related measurements including extinction ratio (ER), polarization dependent loss (PDL) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD). Bare fiber adaptors with the spring clamp accommodate up to 900 micron OD jacketed fiber. Bare fiber adaptors with the magnetic clamp accommodate 250 micron to 400 micron OD jacketed fiber. 900 micron OD tight buffer and custom jacket sizes are available. (Please ask factory). Please see our online catalog at for standard parts and specifications.

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