Laser to Fiber Delivery Systems Alignment Kit and Tools Instruction Video

OZ Optics' alignment kits simplify the task of coupling lasers or laser diodes to either singlemode or polarization maintaining (PM) fibers. Key to successful alignment of any coupler is the initial task of getting the focused light to strike the core of the singlemode or PM fiber. Alignment kits are available for both receptacle style and pigtail style laser to fiber couplers. In pigtail style kits, the multimode fiber is pigtailed with a lens matching the dimensions of your coupler, and a centering lens is included to precisely center the coupler housing with the laser beam. The fibers in receptacle style kits come with the matching connector for your coupler. Perhaps the most difficult task is to align the polarization axis of lasers to the polarization axis of PM fibers. The polarization alignment tool makes this adjustment in seconds. The tool consists of a connector that fits the receptacle on the laser to fiber coupler. One concern of users of lasers to fiber couplers is how much to tighten the tilt screws and locking screws. To address this concern, a torque screwdriver is available. The screwdriver will only tighten the screws to 1 inch-pound of torque, and then stops.

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