OZPEN™ CO₂ Fiber Optics Cleaning Unit for High Power Components - Bare Fiber Cleaning

The OZPEN is a versatile, precision, small surface area cleaning system for critical fiber optics and other manufacturing operations. The OZPEN generates and propels an adjustable spray of clean dry air or nitrogen containing small CO₂ particles to efficiently remove foreign matter from a surface. The OZPEN replaces or augments conventional solvent-aided wiping cleaning techniques which can spread, smear or shed, or redeposit trace residues and particles over critical surfaces. The composite spray cleaning technique is a patented process where one can deliver controlled shear stress on surface contaminants using chemically active, dry CO₂ spray for efficient and effective removal of inorganic and organic surface contamination from critical substrate surfaces. For more information please go to https://www.ozoptics.com/products/ozpen.html

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