OZ Optics offers a broad range of both variable and fixed attenuators having key competitive advantages. All of our attenuators operate over the two standard wavelength bands, the C-Band and the L-Band. This wide wavelength range makes these components ideal for DWDM applications. Our attenuators are wavelength insensitive, which means they operate with minimal changes in attenuation when used in either the C-Band or the L-Band and exhibit low return loss. In addition, all of our attenuators have a wide attenuation range, which means they operate at a wide range of power levels. This is important as increased power levels are being used in newer optical systems.

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Fiber Optic Components - Short Form Catalog

Fiber Optic Components - Short Form Catalog - Chinese Version ()

Attenuators Matrix

NAME OF THE DATA SHEET - sorted alphabetically Revision Date DOC #
Digital Variable Attenuators DA-100 Series - Application Note 1999-07-14 APN0002
Electronically Controlled Variable Attenuators DD-100 Series - Application Note 2000-05-17 APN0003
Digital Variable Attenuator 2013-05-31 DTS0007
Electrically Controlled Variable Fiber Optic Attenuator 2012-07-03 DTS0010
Fiber Optic Components - Short Form Catalog 2015-01-26 SFC0001
Fiber Optic Components - Short Form Catalog - Chinese Version () 2015-01-27 SFC0001CH
Fiber Terminators 2005-02-21 DTS0029
Fixed Attenuators and Attenuating Fiber Patchcord 2014-12-03 DTS0030
Fixed Neutral Density Attenuators Expanded Beam Style 2002-01-03 DTS0032
MEMS Variable Optical Attenuators: Single and Multi-Channel 2016-01-14 DTS0078
Motor Driven Variable Attenuator Questionnaire 1999-10-21 QTR0003
Standard Tables 2016-01-07 DTS0079
Universal Connectors and Hybrid Patchcords 2002-05-09 DTS0082
Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators - Blocking Pigtail Style 2014-01-10 DTS0061
Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators - Blocking Receptacle Style 2012-06-28 DTS0074
Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators - Reflective Style 2005-02-19 DTS0075
Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators Neutral Density Filter Version - Pigtail Style 2005-02-19 DTS0064
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