Corporate Headquarters

OZ Optics Head Office Location:

219 Westbrook Rd
Ottawa, Ontario
K0A 1L0
Telephone: 1-613-831-0981
Fax: 1-613-836-5089
Toll Free: 1-800-361-5415

Map to OZ Optics (PDF format)


OZ Optics designs, manufactures and markets fiber optic components for existing next-generation optical networks based on it's own proprietary technology, trade secrets and patents. The Company's unique design capabilities and patented manufacturing techniques enable OZ Optics to rapidly deliver a broad range of high-quality products to meet customer specifications and requirements.

Company History

The technology is derived from the research of the Company's President and Chief Executive Officer, Ömür Sezerman, who founded OZ Optics in 1985. The Company has sold products to a broad range of customers in the telecommunications, cable television, medical, military, industrial, and educational sectors.

OZ Optics has become a leading provider of optical products by leveraging current technology and expertise gained through  years of operational experience.

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