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Accurate alignment preserves polarization 1997-01-01 ART0001
Shedding Light on Hybrid Optics: A Tutorial in Coupling 1999-01-02 ART0002
AT&T - Long-Term Monitoring of Local Temperature and Stress Changes in a Buried Fiber-Optic Cable Using a BOTDA 2009 ART0004
Long-Term Monitoring of Local Temperature and Stress Changes in Buried Fiber-Optic Cable Using a BOTDA 2010 ART0005
Detection of Ceramic Cracks Using a Distributed High-Resolution Brillouin Fiber Optic Sensor 2010-07 ART0006
Dependence of the Brillouin frequency shift on strain and temperature in a photonic crystal fiber 2004-07-01 ART0007
Coherent probe-pump-based Brillouin sensor for centimeter-crack detection 2005-02-15 ART0008
Detection of 2.187 gallon pipeline leakage by optical sensor based on coherent interaction of pulse and depleted pump technology 2022 ART0021
Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring by Fiber Optic Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensors 2022 ART0009
Distributed Brillouin scattering sensor for discrimination of wall-thinning defects in steel pipe under internal pressure 2004 ART0010
Distributed Brillouin fiber sensor for detecting pipeline buckling in an energy pipe under internal pressure 2006 ART0011
Effect of Brillouin slow light on distributed Brillouin fiber sensors 2006-09-15 ART0012
Determination of Stator Temperature Profile using Distributed Sensing   ART0013
High g-ray dose radiation effects on the performances of Brillouin scattering based optical fiber sensors 2012 ART0014
Detection of micrometer crack by Brillouin-scattering-based distributed strain and temperature sensor 2008 ART0015
Long-Term Monitoring of Local Stress Changes in 67 km of Installed OPGW Cable Using BOTDA 2015 ART0016
Direct writing of fiber optic components in photonic crystal fibers and other specialty fibers 2016 ART0017
Application of distributed Brillouin optical fiber sensor systems in geo-technical monitoring 2016 ART0018
Challenges and Successful Execution of Coherent Probe-Pump-Based Brillouin Sensor Applied in Industry 2018 ART0019
Turn-key diode-pumped all-fiber broadband polarization-entangled photon source 2018-11-15 ART0020
New pipeline and structural monitoring technology now commercially available from established leader in fiber optics 2018-01-08 BKLT0001
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