Fiber Optic Products for Biophotonics Applications

Photonic instruments and devices have become increasingly critical tools for biological, life sciences and medical applications. Advanced photonic equipment is currently being used for many diverse applications, including to identify pathogens, study tissue and cell structure, perform surgery using lasers, and others.

From the original founding of the company, OZ Optics has manufactured a wide range of products that are well suited for biophotonic applications. Starting with laser to fiber delivery systems used for medical research, OZ Optics has since developed optical systems for confocal microscopy, delivery systems for laser treatments and surgery, interferometer systems for optical coherence tomography (OCT) applications, and even fluorescence systems for detection of pathogen DNA. Most recently OZ Optics offers a compact fiber optic spectrometer.

The list below is of products manufactured by OZ Optics that have been used in boiphotonic applications. OZ Optics specializes in custom fiber optic products tailored for your specific application. Our expert engineering sales team will partner with you to provide technical design and guidance to allow you to reach your goals. Contact OZ for further details.

Compact Optical Spectrometer OCT Module

Compact Optical Spectrometer

Optical DNA Rapid Detection System for Pathogens

LIST OF BIOPHOTONIC  DATA SHEETS Revision Date Operating Instructions/ Manuals
High-Resolution Optical Spectrometers 2024-01-11 NA
Universal Optical DNA Rapid Detection System for Pathogens including Covid‑19, Sars, Ebola, Cholera, Salmonella, etc. (Lamppy™ Series) 2023-06-07
Fiber Pigtailed Ultra Stable Laser Module OZ-1000, OZ-2000 Series 2016-10-25
Singlemode or Multimode Fiber Optic Patchcords 2014-01-14 NA
Red/Green/Blue Laser Engines, Combiners and Delivery Systems for Three to Five Visible Wavelengths 2020-01-30 NA
Polarization Maintaining Fiber Patchcords and Connectors 2023-11-14 NA
Laser to Fiber Coupler with Receptacle (Non-Contact Style) 2017-11-27 NA
Pigtail Style Laser to Fiber Couplers 2017-11-27 NA
Laser to Fiber Coupler with Adjustable Focus 2017-11-27 NA
Collimators and Focusers - Pigtail Style 2024-03-12 NA
Fused Fiber Collimator 2018-05-11 NA
Collimators and Focusers - Receptacle Style 2016-01-11 NA
Delivery System for Flow Visualization - Fiber Optic 2017-03-06 NA
U-Bracket Assembly - Fiber Optic 2017-03-03 NA
Laser Diode to Fiber Coupler - Pigtail Style 2021-01-06 NA
Laser Diode to Fiber Coupler - Receptacle Style 2017-11-27 NA
Vacuum Pressure Feedthrough - Fiber Optic 2010-07-15 NA
Polarization Maintaining Fused Fiber Couplers/Splitters 2013-09-17 NA
Fiber Optic Isolators 2016-10-25 NA
Wavelength Division Multiplexers 2016-10-27 NA
Fixed Filters 2015-01-22 NA
Optical Power Meter with Smart Detector Head 2017-11-30
Mini Optical Power Meter 2005-01-14 NA
Pocket Optical Power Meter 2017-03-17
Low Cost Smart Detector Head/Optical Power Monitor 2020-01-21
Hand Held Optical Power Meter 2014-02-25
Beam Splitters/Combiners 2011-01-21 NA
Tapered and Lensed Fibers 2020-05-12 NA
Laser Diode Source - Fiber Optic (Single or Multi-Wavelength) 2023-03-30 NA
Dual Wavelength LED Source 2017-03-09 NA
MEMS Variable Optical Attenuators: Single and Multi-Channel 2022-12-30 NA
Electrically Controlled Variable Fiber Optic Attenuator 2016-10-25
Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators - Blocking Pigtail Style 2016-10-26
Laser Diode to Fiber Coupler - Pigtail Style 2021-01-06 NA
Laser Diode to Fiber Coupler - Receptacle Style 2017-11-27 NA
Fiber to Photodiode Couplers 2017-03-03 NA
Fiber to Photodiode Couplers with removable Filters 2023-01-25 NA
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