Fiber Optic Products for Quantum Applications

Quantum photonics is rapidly emerging as a critical emerging technology. The concept of quantum entanglement has enabled secure communication based on quantum cryptography, and today quantum computing is emerging from research labs to practical devices capable of solving problems. Thanks to its world leadership in polarization maintaining fiber optic components and devices, OZ Optics has always been engaged in research on fiber optics based quantum photonics. OZ Optics’ extensive product line of fiber optic polarizers, polarization maintaining splitters and combiners, and polarization analyzers and controllers are fundamental tools for quantum photonic research.

OZ Optics offers an extensive line of polarization entangled photon sources. These photon pair sources, based on poled crystal and waveguide fiber technology, operate at room temperature and are available with different operating wavelengths. They are offered in benchtop and rackmount configurations. Different phase matching techniques allow photon pair generation with either narrowband or wideband frequency spectrum. Recently we developed fiber based hyper-entangled photon sources, featuring both polarization and frequency entanglement. And today OZ offers a high brightness entangled photon source with unprecedented photon pair counts, promising a major increase in quantum communication rates.

Fiber optic test equipment for measurement for use in experimentation and production are also available. Refer to the following data sheets for products that are used for quantum applications. Contact OZ Optics for custom designs and services.

LIST OF DATA SHEETS Revision Date Operating Instructions/ Manuals
All Fiber Polarization Controller 2024-04-30 NA
Beam Splitters/Combiners 2011-01-21 NA
Benchtop Polarization Extinction Ratio Meter 2023-12-08
Broadband Hyperentangled Photon Source-Telecom 2022-15-05 NA
Bright Polarization-Entangled Photon Source Broadband Telecom 2024-01-26 NA
Bright Polarization-Entangled Photon Sources Narrowband Telecom 2024-02-07 NA
Broadband Polarization-Entangled Photon Source 2022-04-20 Download
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Collimators and Focusers - Pigtail Style 2024-03-12 NA
Collimators and Focusers - Receptacle Style 2016-01-11 NA
Correlated Photon Pair Sources 2024-02-07 NA
Directional Fiber Optic Power Monitors (Taps/Photodiodes) 2023-08-10 NA
Electrically Controlled Variable Fiber Optic Attenuator 2016-10-25
Electrically Driven Polarization Controller-Scrambler 2022-03-07
Evanescence Based Variable Split Ratio Fiber Splitter/Coupler 2020-04-02 NA
Faraday Rotators/Mirrors - Pigtail Style 2016-10-25 NA
Fiber Optic Circulators 2016-10-25 NA
Fiber Optic Coils for Gyroscopes 2023-06-23 NA
Fiber Optic Isolators 2016-10-25 NA
Fiber Pigtailed Ultra Stable Laser Module OZ-1000, OZ-2000 Series 2016-10-25
Fixed Filters 2015-01-22 NA
Fused Couplers - Fiber Optic 2016-10-26 NA
High Resolution Motorized Polarization Controller 2024-01-24 NA
High Speed Electro-Optics Polarization Controller-Scrambler 2023-01-05 NA
High Speed Polarization Controller-Scrambler (OEM Version) 2020-01-23
Manually Adjustable Polarization Insensitive Tunable Filters 2002-06-01 NA
Manually Adjustable Polarization Insensitive Variable Bandwidth Tunable Filters 2021-03-10 NA
MEMS Variable Optical Attenuators: Single and Multi-Channel 2022-12-30 NA
Miniature Inline Polarization Maintaining Splitters/Taps/Combiners 2016-10-26 NA
Motor Driven Adjustable Polarization Insensitive Variable Bandwidth Tunable Filters 2017-01-19
Motor Driven Tunable Filters 2009-03-20
Optical Coatings 2006-01-17 NA
Optical Delay Lines 2024-03-20 NA
Optical Fibers 2014-01-28 NA
Optical Power Meter with Smart Detector Head 2017-11-30
Polarization-Entangled Photon Source Narrowband 810 nm 2024-02-07 NA
Polarization Entanglement Tomography Analyzer 2023-12-08 NA
Polarization Maintaining and Singlemode Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Splitters 2013-12-31 NA
Polarization Maintaining and Singlemode Fiber Optic Switches 2011-03-03 NA
Polarization Maintaining Fiber Patchcords and Connectors 2023-11-14 NA
Polarization Maintaining Fused Fiber Couplers/Splitters 2013-09-17 NA
Polarization Rotators/Controllers/Analyzers 2005-01-14 NA
Polarized Fiber Optic Source 2023-01-23 NA
Polarizers - Fiber Optic 2016-10-26 NA
Precision Fiber Optic Collimator/Focuser Array 2018-05-03 NA
Reflectors - Fiber Optic (Fixed or Variable) 2020-01-14 NA
Singlemode or Multimode Fiber Optic Patchcords 2014-01-14 NA
Tapered and Lensed Fibers 2020-05-12 NA
U-Bracket Assembly - Fiber Optic 2017-03-03 NA
Universal Connectors and Hybrid Patchcords 2002-05-09 NA
Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators - Blocking Pigtail Style 2016-10-26
Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators - Blocking Receptacle Style 2012-06-28
Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators - Reflective Style 2005-02-19 NA
Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators Neutral Density Filter Version - Pigtail Style 2005-02-19 NA
V-Groove Assemblies 2016-02-05 NA

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