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218 15-March-24 OZ Optics Offers Product Portfolio for Quantum Applications
217 20-April-23 Polarization Entanglement Tomography Analyzer 1462-2023-21 1463-2023-21
216 27-Jan-23 High Brightness Entangled Photon Sources
215 27-Jan-23 Fiber Optic Coils for Gyroscopes
214 27-Jan-23 Precision Motorized Polarization Rotation Stages for Analysis and Control
213 27-Jan-23 OZ Optics Launches Its Product Portfolio For Biophotonics
212 27-Jan-23 Compact, High Resolution, Low Cost Optical Spectrometer 1441-2022-11 1442-2022-11
210 02-March-22 OZ Optics Ltd. receives Regulatory Certification for many of its Test Equipment and Sensor Products
209 25-October-21 Intelligent Optical Signal to Noise Ratio Generator (iOSNRG) New Features 1375-2021-04
208 31-May-21 ASE Flat Spectrum C-Band Module - OEM 1392-2021-05
197 30-May-21 Super Fast Response Auto Gain Controlled Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier 1331-2019-02
198 30-May-21 Modulator Bias Controllers 1332-2019-02
207 27-May-21 Optical Power Regulator 1354-2020-03
189 26-May-21 Benchtop Digital Multichannel Variable Attenuator 1325-2018-12
204 20-May-21 High Speed Electro-Optics Polarization Controller-Scrambler 1376-2021-04
206 19-May-21 Multi-Channel Benchtop Polarization Dependent Loss Emulator 1389-2021-05
205 19-May-21 Motor Driven Polarization Dependent Loss Emulator - OEM 1387-2021-05
196 14-May-21 Intelligent Optical Signal to Noise Ratio Generator (iOSNRG)
Ready for Data Rates up to 400G
192 3-Feb-21 Broadband Entangled Photon Sources 1355-2020-04
203 20-May-20 Low Cost Universal Optical DNA Rapid Detection System for Pathogens including Covid-19, Sars, Ebola, Cholera, Salmonella, etc. (Lamppy™ Series) 1368-2020-11
202 24-Mar-20 OZ Optics' general announcement regarding COVID-19  
201 29-Jan-20 Evanescence Based Variable Split Ratio Fiber Splitter/Coupler 1352-2019-12
200 28-Jan-20 High-Speed Benchtop Polarization Controller-Scrambler 1350-2019-11
194 30-Jan-19 OZ Optics Ltd. to Acquire YY Labs Inc.  
193 10-May-18 Precision Fiber Optic Collimator/Focuser Array 1318-2018-04
191 10-May-18 Fused Fiber Collimators for High Power Applications 1323-2018-05
145 10-May-18 RGB (Red/Green/Blue) Combiner & Delivery Systems 1320-2018-05
190 9-Mar-18 Multichannel Electrically Controlled Variable Attenuator (Rack Mount) 1311-2018-02
186 12-May-17 OZ Optics Makes Short List of Nominees for BSI Canada's Award of Excellence  
185 6-Apr-16 OZ Optics Inline Optical Tap Monitors receive high score from 2016 Lightwave Innovation Reviews  
184 9-Mar-16 Hire Immigrants Ottawa (HIO) Honors OZ Optics at the 2016 Employer Excellence Awards  
183 2-Feb-16 Benchtop Backreflection Meters 1248-2015-02
182 2-Feb-16 Benchtop Polarization Extinction Ratio Meters 1270-2016-01
181 2-Feb-16 High Speed Electrically Operated Polarization Controller/Scrambler 1276-2016-01
180 2-Feb-16 OZ Optics Variable Bandwidth Tunable Filter 1280-2016-01
179 21-Jan-16 OZ Optics Inline Optical Tap Monitors Nominated for 2016 Prism Awards 1265-2015-12
178 23-Nov-15 IEEE Honors OZ Optics as Outstanding Technology Company  
177 20-Feb-15 High Power Non-Contact Visible Fiber Optic Fault Locators  
176 6-Feb-15 Backreflection Meters for Visible and Near Infrared Wavelength Applications 1249-2015-02
175 6-Feb-15 BOTDR and/or BOTDA Based Fiber Optic Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensors 1238-2014-08
174 6-Feb-15 OZPEN™ CO₂ Fiber Optics Cleaning Unit 1224-2014-02
173 6-Feb-15 Bare Fiber Adapters with Magnetic Clamps 932-2012-28
166 6-Feb-15 Compact High Power Isolators/Collimators 793-2007-06-08
128 6-Feb-15 Laser to Fiber Delivery Systems with Adjustable Focus 393-2001-07-03
127 6-Feb-15 Ultra Stable Light Sources with or without Fiber 602-2003-01-22
172 1-Jan-15 OZ Optics celebrates 30 years of excellence  
171 8-Jan-15 OZ Optics Optical Taps and Power Monitors Telcordia GR-468 Qualified 1228-2014-02
170 3-Feb-14 OZ Optics Limited’s Online Catalog 1235-2014-02
169 2-Jun-10 Canada and China Enhance Trade Relations with New Joint Research, Business and Development Projects  
168 20-Mar-09 2009 North American Technology Innovation Award - OZ Optics Limited  
167 17-Feb-09 Multi Channel Hermetically Sealed Optical Fiber Assemblies 839-2009-02-27
165 13-Jun-08 High Power Shutters/Safety Interlocks 208-2001-03-13
134 13-Jun-08 High Power Fiber Optic Patchcords 739-2006-01-12
164 27-Jul-07 High Power Inline Optical Taps/Power Monitors 588-2002-11-26
163 14-Jul-07 OZ Optics Receives 2007 Ontario Global Traders Award  
162 20-Jun-07 FORESIGHT Wins Silver at Sensor Expo & Conference 795-2007-06-20
160 18-Apr-07 Fiber Length Meter 777-2007-06-14
159 14-Jun-06 White Light (RGB: Red/Green/Blue) Laser Sources 760-2006-03-03
157 18-Apr-07 Fiber Optic Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensors 775-2007-03-30
27-Aug-07 Chinese Version
156 21-Jul-06 Fiber Optic Fault Finder for Optical Network Safeguard™ 718-2005-05-06
27-Aug-07 Chinese Version
155 19-May-05 Optical Fiber Amplifiers for Special Applications 722-2005
154 19-May-05 Optical Fiber Amplifiers for CATV Applications 722-2005
153 19-May-05 Pulsed Fiber Sources with Multi-Kilowatt Output 723-2005
152 19-May-05 High Power Industrial Multi-Mode Fiber Coupled Diode Laser Systems 720-2005
151 19-May-05 High Power Single Mode Industrial YB Fiber Lasers 721-2005
150 8-Apr-05 Global Traders Awards Honors OZ Founder  
149 8-Mar-05 There’s no place like China for OZ - Ottawa Citizen Article  
148 8-Mar-05 Erbium-Doped Fiber Based ASE Light Sources 713-2005
147 8-Mar-05 Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA) 713-2005
146 24-Jan-05 Polarizing Fiber Patchcords 485-2002
142 21-Jan-05 Attenuating Fiber Patchcords 691-2004-07-30
141 20-Jan-05 Smart Patchcords for Power and Wavelength Monitoring 594-2003-01-15
144 19-Nov-04 OZ Optics Joins United States Central Contractor Registry, Opens Office in Arizona  
143 1-Nov-04 Wave Division Mutiplexors  
140 29-Mar-04 Controlled Goods Registration Program (CGRP)  
139 1-Mar-04 Intelligent Tunable Laser Diode Sources 675-2004-2-20
138 12-Feb-04 Directional Optical Taps for use in Stabilizing UV-Blue Laser Diodes 662-2004-1-12
137 3-Feb-04 Miniature Polarization Maintaing Fiber Optic Connectors 674-2004-1-23
136 26-Nov-03 High Power 405nm Turnkey Stable Light Sources with or without Fiber 656-2003-11-03
135 6-Oct-03 Miniature Variable Optical Attenuator 609-200-03-03
133 17-Mar-03 Optical Power Monitor/Meter with Digital Display 611-2003-18
131 17-Mar-03 Hermetically Sealable Patchcords with Built-in Optical Taps/Power Monitors 615-2003-03-18
129 17-Mar-03 Pen Size Power Meter - Power Pen 582-2002-11-13
126 23-Sep-02 Single/Multi Channel Inline Tap Couplers/Optical Power Monitors 573-2002
125 23-Sep-02 High Power Singlemode and Polarization Maintaining Inline Fixed Attenuators 381-2001-03-14
124 4-Jun-02 Backreflection Meter 561-2002
123 1-May-02 Connectors for 80 Micron Cladding Fibers 487-2002
116 19-Mar-02 Reflective Style Variable Attenuator 417-2002
115 19-Mar-02 Reflective Style Variable Fiber Optic Delay Line 458-2002
114 19-Mar-02 Polarization Measurement Systems for V-Groove Assemblies 539-2002
113 19-Mar-02 Polarization Maintaining Fiber Pigtailed V-Groove Assemblies 549-2002
112 19-Mar-02 PDL Test Set 504-2002
111 19-Mar-02 PDL Emulator 506-2002
110 19-Mar-02 Optical Power Meter with Smart Detector Heads 410-2002
109 19-Mar-02 Highly Stable Polarized Fiber Optic Source 415-2002
108 19-Mar-02 High Power Visible Fiber Optic Fault Locators 538-2002
107 19-Mar-02 Environmental Multi Channel Optical Test System 513-2002
106 19-Mar-02 Electrically Operated Polarization Controller 512-2002
105 19-Mar-02 Dual Wavelength LED Source 420-2002
104 19-Mar-02 Differential Polarization Delay Line 509-2002
103 5-Nov-01 Dr. Kenneth Hill Joins OZ Optics Limited  
BSI Certificate of Registration Canada BSI Certificate of Registration China BSI Certificate of Registration Turkey